There are a few things I could share with you about me, but I’ll just share a little. For starters, I’m an educator. I believe education is a valuable thing to have and enjoy being able to share knowledge and helpful ideas with others. I have a M.A. in Teaching and Learning with Technology, a B.A. in Psychology and a 120 Hour TEFL Certification. I’ve worked in the field of education in different roles over 10 years, including teaching multiple subjects in special education and English as a foreign/second language. I enjoy incorporating technology into the learning process and believe it can provide limitless opportunities for creating engaging and interactive learning activities. Classroom Chit Chat, a project I began with my ESL students in Peru is just one example of how I try to incorporate technology to enhance the learning experience.

In addition to being an educator, I’m also a writer, having loved writing since I can remember. In the latter part of 2012, I self-published my first book, “A Very Thankful Story”, which is a story I wrote while teaching in Korea. To share my travels abroad and a few other things, I also keep a personal blog titled Butterfly Jewel’s Blog which includes stories of my experiences as a teacher in countries with very different cultures than my own.

Now, for a few tidbits about me which probably won’t make any breaking news but could just peak your curiosity. I like to read, and as my family tells me, apparently, I was trying to read at the tender age of 2 years old when I would wake up everyday at 2 a.m., go downstairs, get a book off the book shelf, sit on the floor, open it up upside-down and look through it. Among my favorite books are the Bible, Summer of My German Soldier, Roots, Living the Dream and Hinds Feet on High Places. Oh, and I absolutely love opportunities to express my creativity! Whether it’s through my work or personal projects (or even my style), my mind automatically goes to work thinking how to create something different or a unique experience which will be engaging and encourage the success of others. Lastly, but certainly not the only thing left, I love Korean cuisine! I love traveling to experience new places and have been to a few countries thus far trying a few dishes from each, but none have managed to knock Korean food from the number one spot as my most favorite cuisine in the world to date.  I still have a few more places I hope to travel to in the future. So, I’ll see if it remains number one.


Feel free to share your thoughts. I'd love to hear from you!

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