Philosophy Statement

We are educators because we all have something to teach others, many times without even speaking. It is a wonderful feeling to know that you have made an impact in someone’s life by something that they have received from you both intentionally and unintentionally. Education is important to every part of our lives from birth to death. When you can understand that every experience is a learning experience or teaching moment, you can learn to appreciate life more, although you may not realize it until well after the experience is over, especially when it is a difficult one.

One such moment for me that I still and probably will always remember was when I was attempting to facilitate conversation with some of my past students. I asked them about some problems that they faced. One student sarcastically responded that he did not have any problems. Before answering, I contemplated what he said and remembered times when I had responded the same way before. As I contemplated, it came to me, and I told the student, “You’re right; it’s just life”. You see, everything we experience is only good or bad as to how we choose to look at it. In itself, it is neither good nor bad unless we say so. Even still, because we will continue to have experiences as long as we live, “It’s just life”. Let’s live and learn and teach each other how we can do it and make the most of it!

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