Pass the Ball [Game]

“Pass the Ball” (a game my co-teacher in Korea used) is a game I use for reviews but can be used for anything. You play music and have your students pass a small/soft ball (can use a ball of scratch paper or another soft object) around. When the music stops (you stop the music), the student with the ball has to answer a question, find a vocabulary word, etc. (whatever you determine is the focus of the game). You can use this to review vocabulary, grammar and more. To make it interesting, if a student has already answered a question or had a turn, if they get the ball again, they can choose another student to answer. Students usually like this, and it makes the game a bit more fair if the music stops on some students often.

With access to technology such as a computer, projector and monitor, you can create a PowerPoint presentation of the game. Click here to see an example of a game. However, maybe you have the bare essentials such as a white board and board markers, as I too have had. You can write your items  on the board (or prepare them on cards to stick on the board). For example, if your students are working on verb tenses, you can write several sentences using the tenses on the board, including some that are incorrect. You can have students to identify a sentence with a specific verb tense that is correct. You can also have them choose an incorrect sentence, telling why it is incorrect and correcting it.

If you’d like to use this game with your students and need a little help implementing it, feel free to contact me. I’d be happy to help!


Feel free to share your thoughts. I'd love to hear from you!

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