Classroom Chit Chat: “Sharing What’s Important to You with the World”

What is Classroom Chit Chat?

Classroom Chit Chat is a platform in which people around the world can share on topics that are important to them through video format. The purpose is to open discussion to others around the world to share their thoughts and experiences on what is shared.

How did Classroom Chit Chat begin?

Classroom Chit Chat was created while I was teaching in Peru. As a way for my ESL students to get more practice using English outside of the traditional classroom setting, I assigned them video projects. For some, it would be their first time on video, much less speaking in English during it. So, to prepare them and give them a feel for it, I helped them prepare two videos in which they shared their thoughts about traffic in their city. In their first video projects, they were allowed to choose any topic of their choice to present on, and in turn view their peers’ videos and comment on them on the site. In the second project, students were given the task of facilitating face-to-face interviews with any guest on any topic of their choice, as well viewing and commenting on their peers interviews on the site. Students were very thrilled to know they had views from around the world from people who thought their projects were interesting.

Who can participate?

Anyone can share on Classroom Chit Chat. Whether students, non-students, educators, youth, adults, native English speakers, non-native English speakers, anyone is welcome to participate and encouraged to invite others to participate as well. It’s definitely a good platform that educators can have their students participate in.

Why share on Classroom Chit Chat?

Many people around the world have never traveled or met others from different parts of the world. They wonder what people are like in certain places, what life is like and more. By sharing on Classroom Chit Chat, others can learn more about others in places they may never have gone before and can share their thoughts about what has been shared.

When can one share on Classroom Chit Chat?

Anytime! Video submissions and comments on topics are welcome anytime.

How can you participate?

Simple. Just contact me here or visit Classroom Chit Chat for more information on how you can participate.


Feel free to share your thoughts. I'd love to hear from you!

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