A Very Thankful Story: My First Self-Published Book

A Very Thankful Story by Butterfly Jewel

A Very Thankful Story is my first self-published book. It was originally written and created based on a weekly English language ceremony which I facilitated at my school as an English teacher while in Korea. Each week, as a part of this ceremony, I was responsible for presenting a story in English to the whole student body.

These stories would teach simple yet useful English vocabulary and phrases while incorporating morals to encourage students to value themselves and others. At the end of each story, students were given a short memory verse to remember which teachers could use in their classrooms throughout the week to encourage positive behavior in students.

My hope is to share this and other stories like it providing language learners and readers around the world with valuable literary content that transcends people groups and cultures. Through reading positive stories like this, we can help our young readers be the best that they can be and make a positive difference in the world.

To check out a short preview of it or get purchasing information, please visit Taiwanda’s Creative Corner at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/TaiwandaBason.


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